Riverside podcast review, Competitors and alternative 2024

Riverside is a software program that has won popularity for its remarkable ability to document audio tracks thoroughly, even without video on.

This software program has demonstrated it is mainly useful for podcasters who need to begin and create podcasts with crystal-clean video and audio.

This platform has also been praised for its all-in-one recording and enhancing functions, which make it an outstanding alternative for podcasters who paint remotely.

Riverside also simplifies the synchronization of the sound and robotically creates backups of all recorded documents.

Comparison of Riverside with competition:

In spite of its several benefits, a few customers have pronounced troubles and bugs with the software program and have expressed disappointment with the steeply-priced top-class plans provided through the software program.

Riverside. fm gives a clean-to-use platform for customers who are trying to begin a podcast or video.

It has won large popularity among renowned people like Guy Raz and Hillary Clinton because of its potential to remotely create audio-video content material.

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What sets it apart from its competition is its audio-video skills, and the first-rate thing is it’s nice and doesn’t always depend on the net connection.

In comparison to other podcast recording software programs like Squardcast. fm, Zencastr, OpenReel, and StreamYard, Riverside. fm gives pinnacle-notch capabilities that assure recordings than its options.

Riverside. FM vs StreamYard:

  • Recording first-rate: 

Riverside. fm typically gives higher audio and video first-class than StreamYard, as it statistics every participant’s audio and video regionally, then uploads it in high exceptional.

  • Neighborhood Recording: 

Riverside. fm records every participant’s audio and video regionally on their device, making sure it is of higher quality and reducing the danger of loss due to internet connection issues. StreamYard streams directly to the platform, which could now and again result in lower nice recordings if there are net disruptions.

  • Capabilities:

StreamYard gives a variety of features which include customizable overlays, on-display screen feedback, and integration with numerous structures like FB, YouTube, and so on. Riverside. FM focuses more on recording and podcasting functions, with much less emphasis on live-streaming features.

  • Ease of Use: 

Each system is pretty smooth to apply, however, StreamYard may additionally have a slight area in phrases of user interface simplicity and accessibility, particularly for beginners.

  • Pricing:

Pricing systems vary among the 2 systems, with StreamYard offering tiered pricing plans primarily based on usage and capabilities, whilst Riverside. FM generally charges a flat monthly fee primarily based on the wide variety of hours recorded.

Comparing Riverside. fm vs Squad cast:

Recording pleasant:

Each Riverside. FM and SquadCast prioritize recordings. They report each player’s audio regionally, ensuring higher best and minimizing the chance of loss due to internet connectivity issues.

Nearby Recording:

Just like Riverside. fm, SquadCast records each participant’s audio locally on their device, which enables maintaining high pleasant and reduces the impact of net interruptions.


SquadCast and Riverside. fm are both tailor-made for podcasters and interviewers, offering capabilities including multi-track recording, automated backups, and audio improvements. SquadCast also includes functions, like live textual content, chat all through recordings, and put up-recording enhancing abilities.

Ease of Use:

Both platforms are designed to be consumer-pleasant, with intuitive interfaces and easy setup procedures. customers generally discover both Riverside. fm and SquadCast are easy to navigate and function, even for those new to podcasting.


Pricing structures range between the 2 structures. Riverside. FM usually prices a flat month-to-month price primarily based on the number of hours recorded, whilst SquadCast gives tiered pricing plans primarily based on usage and features.

Comparing Riverside. fm vs Zoom:


Riverside. fm is typically focused on recording podcasts, interviews, and far-off conversations with audio and video. Zoom, alternatively, is a complete video conferencing platform used for various functions together with meetings, webinars, and virtual occasions.

Recording exceptional:

Riverside. fm gives superior recording in comparison to Zoom, especially for audio. Riverside. fm facts every player’s audio and video locally on their device, resulting in better fidelity recordings with fewer internet-related artifacts in comparison to Zoom’s cloud-based recording.


Even as both systems provide recording abilities, their feature sets range. Zoom provides capabilities tailored for actual-time communication and collaboration, which includes display screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, and actual-time annotation. Riverside. FM focuses extra on podcast recording features, supplying tools for multi-song recording, automatic backups, and far-flung guest control.

Ease of Use:

Zoom is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it handy for customers of all levels. Riverside. fm is likewise designed to be smooth to use, with a streamlined interface tailored for podcast recording and interviews.


Zoom gives a range of pricing plans, along with a free tier with restrained capabilities and paid plans with greater advanced functions and larger meeting capacities. Riverside. FM typically expenses a flat month-to-month charge based on the number of hours recorded, with unique plans imparting various degrees of recording time and functions.


Riverside. fm is an outstanding choice in case your main aim is to file podcasts, interviews, or far-flung conversations. It shines in phrases of recording nicely because it captures every player’s audio and video regionally on their device, ensuring advanced constancy and lowering the risk of internet-related artifacts. moreover, Riverside. FM offers dedicated podcasting capabilities along with multi-track recording, automated backups, and remote visitor management, making it nicely prepared for podcast manufacturing workflows. Its streamlined interface additionally makes it smooth to apply, specifically for those targeted on recording content.


In precis, if you prioritize recording and podcasting capabilities, Riverside. FM is the higher choice. but, if you want a flexible platform for real-time communication, collaboration, and web hosting virtual events, Zoom presents a complete set of functions tailored to one’s functions. in the long run, your choice among Riverside. fm and Zoom depend on your particular wishes and whether or not you prioritize recording excellent or actual-time communication functions.




Q. Can I stay circulate with Riverside. fm?

Ans: No, Riverside. fm is for recording podcasts and interviews, not live streaming.

Q. Does Zoom have a multi-song recording?

Ans: No, Zoom doesn’t offer multi-tune recording like Riverside. fm.

Q. That’s better for massive meetings, Zoom or Riverside. fm?

Ans: Zoom is higher for large meetings; Riverside. fm is for smaller recordings.

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