A Pets Planet Backseat Extender

A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is a should-have for pet proprietors who regularly journey with their furry partners. This innovative product is designed to offer a secure and cozy area in your canine in the backseat of your car.

The Backseat Extender functions as a sturdy plywood base that extends over your car’s seat giving your puppy ample room to move around and feel at ease. The extender is made from 100% waterproof and twist of fate-proof cloth ensuring that any messes are without difficulty cleaned with a simple wipe.

One of the standout functions of the A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is its versatility. it may accommodate visitors with the aid of folding the quilt to create space for passengers. The extender comes with  included dog seat belts for safety and security.

What Are The Dimensions of The Backseat Extender?What Are The Dimensions of The Backseat Extender

The A Pets Planet Backseat Extender measures 54 inches extensive and 18 inches deep. This size lets in enough space for your puppy to move around comfortably. The extender is designed to provide the maximum huge-sized cars ensuring compatibility with an intensive range of car models.

The plywood base is robust and durable offering a strong surface for your puppy to relax on. The waterproof cloth guarantees that any accidents or spills are effects wiped easily keeping your vehicle’s indoors in a pristine situation.

Is The Backseat Extender Adjustable

Sure the A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is adjustable. The extender may be folded to accommodate guests within the backseat permitting you to create extra area when wished. This feature ensures that you could nevertheless deliver passengers even as providing a relaxed area to your pet.

The covered dog seat belts are adjustable as well permitting you to at ease your puppy properly inside the backseat. Those belts are designed to maintain your bushy pal in place during surprising stops or turns supplying you with peace of mind whilst driving.

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Can The Backseat Extender Be Used in All Car ModelsCan The Backseat Extender Be Used in All Car Models

The A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is designed to be a general healthy like minded with maximum widespread-sized automobiles inclusive of sedans SUVs and trucks. The extender’s fifty four-inch width and 18-inch intensity make it appropriate for an extensive variety of automobile models making sure that puppy owners can experience the benefits of this product regardless of the sort of car they power.

Even as the extender is versatile it is essential to observe that the health may vary slightly relying on the unique make and model of your car. Some motors with precise backseat configurations may additionally require extra adjustments or adjustments to make certain a comfortable and comfy suit for your pet. It’s constantly a very good concept to measure your backseat dimensions before buying to make sure the extender will work seamlessly together with your automobile.

How much does the Backseat Extender weigh?

The A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is designed to be lightweight and transportable yet sturdy sufficient to help your puppy. According to the product info the extender has a weight ability of up to 280 kilos . 

Even as the exact weight of the extender is not explicitly said the product is defined as being made from a sturdy plywood base suggesting it is built with long lasting but light-weight materials. This permits the extender to be effortlessly set up and removed from your automobile as wished without adding substantial bulk or weight that could be bulky for puppy proprietors.

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Is the Backseat Extender machine washableIs the Backseat Extender machine washable

Based at the search consequences the A Pets Planet Backseat Extender is system washer-friendly:

  • The seat protector for the dog is machine washer-friendly making it a smooth accent for any family.
  • The BarkBridge+  for puppies is system washer-friendly. It states really cast off the lowest supports and throw it in the wash for those hard-to-easy messes.
  • The dog again seat extender offers problem-loose preservation with its system-washer-friendly design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight potential of the Backseat Extender?

The A Pets Planet has a weight capacity of up to 280 pounds permitting it to securely aid even large dog breeds.

Is the Backseat Extender waterproof?

yes the Backseat Extender is crafted from a hundred% water-proof and twist of fate-evidence cloth making it easy to clean up any messes or spills.

Can the Backseat Extender be used with seatbelts?

The Backseat Extender comes with two covered dog seat belts allowing you to soundly at ease your pet throughout travel.

Is the Backseat Extender well suited with all automobile fashions?

 Is designed as a universal health suitable for most preferred-sized automobiles. but it’s usually an excellent idea to grade your backseat dimensions to ensure your health.


In conclusion the A Pets Planet is a versatile and realistic answer for pet owners who often travel with their bushy companions. With its sturdy plywood base water-proof fabric and adjustable design this extender provides an at ease and secure area to your dog inside the backseat of your vehicle.

One of the standout capabilities of the Backseat Extender is its compatibility with most well known-sized vehicles. The 54-inch width and 18-inch depth ensure that it could accommodate an extensive range of vehicle models from sedans to SUVs and trucks. Moreover the included canine seatbelts add a further layer of protection and security providing you with peace of mind whilst on the road.


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