9 Ways To Easily Bypass YouTube Age Restriction

From children to adults, all love to watch movies. YouTube is one such platform to circulate all styles of motion pictures to visitors. but some movies are restrained due to diverse reasons. There are numerous approaches to skipping the YouTube age limit. in case you are seeking out a solution to look at those motion pictures, then this guide on how to watch age-constrained YouTube videos will help you.

YouTube is the biggest free video streaming app and is managed by way of the large web, Google. With anybody getting access to the platform, it has a few policies that want to be observed strictly by every person. One such coverage is that nobody can submit any personal content on YouTube or any content that isn’t appropriate to users of every age as these days, YouTube is equally famous among children and vintage people.

Despite the fact that personal movies are not allowed on YouTube, nonetheless, there are some videos that are not appropriate for young users but beneficial for adults. So, YouTube permits posting such movies however for such movies, YouTube places a content material caution message that asks the customers for an age confirmation before watching that video. If you are already signed in, then Google will automatically acquire your age-related records from your account however if you are not signed in, then YouTube will ask you to sign in to affirm your age, after which only, you’ll be able to look at that video.

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With a purpose to sign in to YouTube, you want to have a Google account. In case you do not now have a Google account, it will likely be a prolonged and time-consuming manner to sign up to YouTube. So, at that time, you may think of ways in which you could watch that video without signing in to YouTube.

In case you are taking into consideration such approaches, then you need to preserve reading this newsletter as in this text, several methods are given using which you may without problems pass the YouTube age restriction.

How to skip the YouTube Age restriction?

Comply with any of the underneath techniques on YouTube age verification pass: 

Method 1: Through Settings on the Android device

Through Settings on Android device

YouTube additionally allows you to alternate the settings for the restricted mode on YouTube network Administrator. Comply with the steps on how to skip the YouTube age restriction:

  • Open the YouTube app on your device.
  • Click on the profile picture on the pinnacle right corner of the display screen.
  • Click Settings.
  • Pick general from the options.
  • scroll down and toggle off the bar next to confined Mode.

Method 2: Create a brand new Account

You may additionally create a new account with an age of more than 18. There are no limitations on the wide variety of debts we own. but this is not feasible in case you are in Europe due to the fact you want to prove your age. you could use a US VPN to avoid this.

In addition, in case you are logging in the use of a laptop or device with parental controls, then you may not create an account. you have to strive for an extraordinary device. This approach on the way to watch age-constrained YouTube videos is the perfect and quickest method.

Method 3: Bypass the Age restriction on the usage of NSFW YouTube

NSFW stands for “now not safe For work”. That is one of the most famous tricks to pass the age restriction on YouTube due to its simplicity and easy usage. That is by using the quickest manner to override the age restriction on YouTube.

Method 4: Download The Video

You can watch any age-restrained YouTube video by way of downloading them. you could download them using a YouTube downloader software or website. no longer all websites might be able to download them. websites including keepvid.com, 320 ytmp3, y2mate.com, and YT1s.com will assist you along with your question on the way to pass the YouTube age restriction. you need to paste the URL and watch for the website to load the video on those websites. Once the video is loaded, download the video with the help of the on-display prompts. The video may be downloaded and you could watch it each time with no trouble. If this doesn’t paint then you can also test out a number of the pinnacle-free alternatives of YouTube.

Method 5: Bypass the Age limit using the Embed link

It’s by far one of the simplest methods to skip the age restriction on YouTube videos as on this method, you just ought to change the few letters of the URL to alternate it into an embedded hyperlink. As soon as the URL of the age-restricted video converts into an embedded link, the video will begin playing because the embedded hyperlinks no longer have any age regulations related to them.

Method 6: The usage of NewPipe on Android tools

To observe age-limited movies, NewPipe is one of the first-rate alternatives. You need to download an APK record because it isn’t to be had on the Play. comply with the under steps.

  •  Visit the browser to your Android tool.
  • Download the latest model of the NewPipe app on its page.
  • Visit Downloads for your mobile and deploy NewPipe.
  • Click on the 3 horizontal traces on the pinnacle left corner of the display screen.
  • Click on Settings in the menu.
  • Tap content material, as proven underneath.
  • Toggle on the bar subsequent to show age-confined content.
  • Now, seek the age-restrained video you need to watch and play it.

Method 7: Skip YouTube Age restriction the use of pay attention On Repeat

This technique additionally includes making some modifications within the URL of the restrained video. To skip the age restriction on Youtube movies the usage of “concentrate On Repeat”, follow these steps:

  • Open the YouTube video having an age restriction.
  • Click on the video’s URL hyperlink and check the URL of the restrained video. 
  • Now, on the way to bypass the age restriction, upload the phrase repeat after YouTube in the URL of the confined video. 
  • After making the above modifications inside the URL, hit the input button and the video will begin gambling.


In case your video does not play even after converting the URL, then you could still play your video via touring the concentrate On Repeat internet site.

After completing the above steps, the age limit for the selected video should be eliminated and the video needs to start playing without inquiring about signing in to YouTube.

Method eight: The use of FreeTube on a laptop

Just like NewPipe, FreeTube is an unfastened software program to observe age-constrained movies. In addition, this software is free of commercials and lets us enroll in channels and create playlists. follow the under steps to download FreeTube.

  • Download the modern and correct model of FreeTube for your laptop on its reliable website.
  • After downloading the report, extract and run the utility.
  • Paste the URL of the age-limited video and play it.

Method 9: Pass YouTube Age restrict the usage of Proxy internet site

it is viable to view an age-constrained YouTube video using a proxy website online. Being unsafe, this method is usually not advocated to skip the age restriction. Still, in case you want to use this approach, use it in your very own danger. There are plenty of proxy sites available in the market the use of which you may without problems pass the age restriction.

To skip the age limit on YouTube use a proxy internet site, and follow those steps.

  • Open the YouTube video having an age limit.
  • Click on the video’s URL link and test the URL of the limited video.
  • Now, open a brand new tab in the same browser by clicking on the +.
  • Type the URL within the newly opened tab.
  • Hit enter.
  • Now, copy the restricted video’s URL hyperlink from the previous tab and paste it into the entered URL container of the proxy website within the new tab.
  • Click on the go button.
  • The video will begin playing.

After finishing the above steps, the age-confined video ought to begin gambling with no age limit.


In the end, there are several methods to be had to bypass YouTube’s age limit and watch age-restricted motion pictures. These strategies encompass adjusting settings on the YouTube app, growing a new account with an age over 18, using NSFW YouTube, downloading the video, using an embed link, using apps like NewPipe or FreeTube, and even employing proxy websites.

However, it is vital to notice that a few techniques, like using proxy websites, include capacity dangers and might not usually work reliably. Moreover, a VLC player for Android can not be used to observe age-confined YouTube videos. On average, while there are methods to pass age restrictions, users need to take into account the capability outcomes and use these techniques responsibly.



Q. Does the use of proxy websites assist in YouTube age verification bypass?

Ans: No, it is guaranteed that a proxy web page will play you the age-confined YouTube video.

Q. Will VLC players assist in watching age-restrained movies on Android devices?

Ans: VLC participants for Android may be used to look at films from any web page. however, any age-confined YouTube videos cannot be played using VLC participants for Android.

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